New! You have LIFETIME access to July and August content. I heard your requests from 2018 and for 2019 and all content you purchase will be available to you indefinitely. 

Early bird ends June 18th (Save $30)
$197 includes SHE Deck, Journal, Tax, Shipping
$177 included Journal, Tax, Shipping (this option is if you already have a SHE Deck)

Summer school doors closes June 24th (gives me enough time to ship your decks and journals). 

Pricing Break Down

$15 a week for Estelle’s weekly podcast, yoga, lesson  and virtual support.
SHE Deck ($35)
SHE Journal ($15) - you get them both for $27!

Bonus materials include: 

  • SHE Quest Guest: Local Halifax women who are living expression of SHE and work in the field of taking off masks will be interviewed in Podcast!  

  • SHE Quest Recommended Library: books you’ll want to read and love.

  • SHE Quest Online Article Resources: virtual inspiration to nurture magic.

  • Heart opening TED Talks and probably more perks because I love giving free shit!

  • Included SHE Journal and SHE Deck at a ridiculous price - both of which you will need for Summer School!

*Option below to be part of Summer School even if you have already purchase the deck- I will then only send you a journal. 

Optional Material (Not Included)

  • Watercolour palettes and/or pencils

  • Watercolour paper

  • Paint brushes

  • Yoga mat


When you sign up you will get a SHE Deck and a journal. Tax and shipping is included.

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A SHE Deck is needed for summer school. If you already have one this one is for you. I will send you a journal. Tax and shipping included.

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