SHE Quest Membership

A soul connection guide for women.

SHE Quest Membership is a program that accesses our human need for connection, self-expression and beauty. Estelle's educates and empowers modern soulful women to carve pockets of time to implement real life mindful, "bodyful", and artful rituals in their life and home. Welcome!

Membership Features

  • Podcast

    Two monthly episodes, one featuring Estelle in a solo episode and another featuring a special handpicked guest to dig deep into the monthly topic.

  • Yoga

    Get your body flowing with a monthly new yoga class that supports the theme of the month. Also included is Estelle’s new Yoga Channel, for all levels and bodies (with Spotify Playlist!).

  • Art

    Dive deep into Estelle's "small daily acts of bravery" philosophy with the SHE Quest exclusive monthly Mindful Art exercises. Included are the numerous 21-days of Mindful Art Class on the new Art Channel.

  • Monthly Calls

    Estelle’s live circle calls are the greatest opportunity to feel supported on your SHE QUEST journey. The calls are crafted to up-level your SHE QUEST membership experience. It's the perfect time to ask Estelle questions. Perhaps, most importantly, a time to connect and witness others on their quest.

  • Community

    Connect with other SHE Questers through discussion threads via our online platform, live circle calls, access to our secret Facebook group and monthly (local) in person meet-ups.

  • Perks & Discounts

    Coupons for all SHE and Mama Decks which are one of Estelle's favourite tools to incorporate more soul into daily life. Plus, get first dibs and a 40% discount on all in-person SHE workshops.

Bonus Content

  • PDFs

    Beautiful SHE Quest Workbook created by Estelle that is the foundation for your quest. In addition, numerous downloadable PDFs guides to assist with actionable real life change.

  • Book Club

    SHE Quest membership has a monthly book selected to further expand your mind and unleash your feminine magic. Discussions for each book is available to support your quest.

  • Journaling Prompts

    Uninterrupted flow of writing is one of Estelle's favourite tools to transcend limiting beliefs and work through your core values and feelings. Monthly insightful journaling prompts will get you writing!

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Meghan Gillian

SHE Quest Summer School

Meghan Gillian

She Quest is intense! If you’re ready and willing to dig deep in your soul to find your creative spirit DO SHE QUEST!!! It’s a support system, full of encouragement and soul searching sisters!!
by Heather Samson

SHE Quest Summer School

by Heather Samson

This has reinforced so much of what I needed for self care and community minded thoughts - it’s an incredible journey with all of you I have enjoyed this so much and so excited for the membership.
Paula Prime

SHE Quest Summer School

Paula Prime

I truly feel Estelles love and compassion for what she does. I joined she quest summer school and I am experiencing such personal growth and love. It is truly an amazing experience. I hope to participate in more of her offerings.
Stephany Kilroy

SHE Quest Summer School

Stephany Kilroy

If you are thinking about SHE Quest program.... do it! Do the yoga, do the program, buy the art, be touched by the magic and love!


  • When does registration open again?

    The next registration opens January 2020.

  • What does membership cost

    A 4-month subscription is $148, a yearly subscription is $324 and unlimited access is $997.

  • How long do I have access to the podcast, yoga classes, art workshops, support and content of She Quest membership?

    For as long as you are a member (4-month, one year, unlimited), you’ll have access to all of this kick-ass and exclusive content of SHE Quest.

  • Can I buy one month to try it out?

    At this time the subscription options are 4-month, one year or unlimited. We suggest purchasing the Yoga Channel or Art Channel if you’re undecided on SHE Quest Membership.

  • Will Estelle's SHE Deck & Journal be included in the Membership Price?

    No, but you can get them for extra cheap with a coupon given to you once you sign up.

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Please read before purchasing SHE Quest Membership.

Any grounding tools, techniques, yoga classes, art classes, creative visualization, beliefs or perspective held by SHE QUEST are not a substitute to medical advice or replacement for medical care. Estelle Thomson Art & Yoga Programs and Memberships do not claim to be a cure or remedy. Estelle Thomson Art & Yoga is a not licensed medical care provider. Always consult your doctor or health care provider for professional help or advise.

Soul work is slow work.

Next registration opens January 2020

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A note on Unlimited Membership

For as long as you are a SHE Quest Unlimited Member, you’ll have access to all content for years to come. Estelle Thomson Art & Yoga has the right to end access to the website platform and content at any time.