Yoga Channel + Live Classes

April live now closed for registration.

Take live yoga classes with Estelle every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9am AST. Feel connected with others during this live class hosted in a private FB group. This new option is $47 a month and includes all the Yoga Channel content. The + Live Bundle also includes Estelle's Bellies (7:45pm AST) classes.

Yoga Channel

Welcome to Estelle's yoga video streaming site! From helping you through basic physical yoga skills or propelling you into deeper spiritual realms of yoga, Estelle's classes are infused with intuition, body awareness, intention, music and art. With new classes and programs available twice monthly you are sure to unfold in new ways.

Channel Features

  • Yoga Class Library

    New monthly classes including brand new classes from her popular programs "From the Ground up", "Wake up" and "Anatomy of a Yogi's Heart".

  • Spotify Playlist

    You will have the option to practice with or without music by accessing the Spotify playlists Estelle has created for each class.

  • Bonuses

    Extras such as mini mantra videos and kids yoga classes. Plus choose form 5-60 minutes sessions.

Yoga Channel

$17 a month for all Yoga Channel content.

Free Preview!

Get a free preview of the Yoga Channel by signing up for the Perfect Quickie Yoga class.

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