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Discover the profound benefits of artistic expression through mindful art. In Estelle's new Art Channel, explore techniques in mindfulness, combined with watercolour painting. As with meditation, making small daily paintings is a way to access a meditative state of mind and the profound healing and transformative power it brings. Regulate, re-educate and re-wiring your brains with fun, inspiring and poetic painting prompts.

Create Magic

In these online courses I give prompts for daily, 5-minute paintings. My goal isn't to teach you how to paint, it is to get you to paint! And once you are painting, you are creating magic.

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Why Mindful Art

Mindful Art combines conscious breath and art making as a mean to access a meditative state of self-connection. Benefits includes:

  • State of flow and feeling of freedom
  • Tool for self-introspection and personal growth. 
  • Feeling stable, steady and grounded in body and mind. 

Moreover, with regular painting you discover your unique creative voice and bring forth whats inside you out. Thrilling magic awaits!

The permission slip to be the artist that you are.

Paint and everything changes. It’s the daily ritual that keeps on giving.

As a local artist in my community I have helped others heal through art, just as art has helped me heal. In my experience of anxiety, depression, grief, loss, overwhelming emotion etc., I have seen firsthand how art can shift our lives for the best. But why should art matter you ask me? 

Creativity is a Necessity

I’ve come to believe that creativity is a necessity. That the dishwasher can wait to be loaded, because imagination can change the world. I’ve come to believe that making art builds empathy, vulnerability and exercises courage. I need to show up for myself with edge. 

Showing up for Yourself 

The Mindful Art philosophy is that if you are a breathing, living human being: YOU ARE AN ARTIST. It is about starting where you are. It’s about practice and the courage to keep showing up, it’s about reflecting on your work and painting outside the line. It’s practice. Daily watercolour painting is an opportunity to strengthen creativity and practice presence in body and mind. In witnessing and looking at our daily creations we see our life unfolds in front of our very eyes. We open up in new ways. The goal of all my 21 days is to establish a daily art practice. 

Channel Features

  • Art Class Library

    The Mindful Art classes Library, from my classic 21 Days of Painting Under the Sea, to 21 days of Love & Loss, Birds & Butterfly and the ever popular Flower Power and more. You will have access to all beginners watercolours classes and tutorials.

  • 112 Days of Painting Meditation

    The New Year is upon us, and I am challenging myself and bringing you with in my 112 Days of Painting Meditations. Exclusive to the Art Channel and SHE Quest Members.

  • Bonuses

    Mini watercolour exercises, tutorials and inspiring video will be added regularly. Playlists to paint too and extra perks such as coupons on art and local paint nights.

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